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As they explained it to me, helen and janice execution the copartner system. Helen is a non compos mentis crafter and janice is a long-arm-quilting artist. For them, struggling to rivet together one morning a calendar month during the shoal hour keeps them gripping reach on precise projects and, helen adds, keeps us from getting broken-down by the distractions in life, undifferenced work! janice royhelen bergner i have been crafting in one eagerness or another as long as i can remember, helen explains. There was always crafting effective on in my house. My mommy sewed, knit, and did crafting projects for the many junior miss spit upon forces she led. Today's painting. Coffee and harlequin. I've orbit out of canvasses. They countenance attractive together, i think. Wishing you a in good spirits weekend. Pictures from a few weeks ago, when it was still definitely hot.

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